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Easy Improvements: 7 Days to a Better Home Value


If you are contemplating selling your home then you want to get the most out of it. After all, the more you get out of it then the more you can spend on your next home.

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This doesn’t mean that you have to undertake costly remodeling and put off selling your home for weeks and/or months until it is done. There are some easy improvements that you can do that will provide you with 7 days to a better home value.

Under $100 Home Improvements

There are many home improvements that you can make for under $100. Not only are the improvements low cost, they don’t take very long, and can help to increase your home’s value. Some examples of these are having a consultation with an interior designer and/or real estate agent that is versed in minor home improvements. In addition, you can do things like; replacing worn out fixtures that are leaking, have your home inspected by a license inspector, and/or give your home an updated coat of paint.

Address Energy Issues

If you are living in an older home then it is likely that your major appliances are also feeling their age. Energy efficiency guidelines have come a long way over the last few years. Updating appliances like the hot water heater and the heating and air conditioning unit can help increase your home’s value. They also are things that you can get done within the seven days. In addition to a better home value, you also can enjoy lower energy bills right now.

Add Small Luxuries

Let’s face it; we all like a home with a few luxuries. But, we are not talking about the luxuries that many people bring to mind like a pool, hot tub, or things like that.

No, we are talking about smaller luxuries that can still appeal too many and help with a home’s value. One great example of this is to add a system that filters your water. Imagine eliminating the need for bottled water. You can get bottle quality water coming directly from the tap. These systems are not as expensive as you would think, are easy to install or get installed and can help with your home’s overall value.

There are many things that you can do to increase your home’s value. They don’t all have to cost you thousands of dollars and they don’t have to take a long time. There are many things that you can do in just a few days that can have an impact. Start by looking around for minor repairs that you can do.

You can update the look of a room or your whole home. You can put on new siding. Energy efficiency is also an important factor for many people today. Updating your home’s major appliances can be contracted quickly and much cheaper than a full renovation while adding to your home’s overall energy efficiency rating. You should look at implementing these easy improvements that you can do that will provide you with 7 days to a better home value.

Tips for Using Zillow to Search for Your New Home Online


How you can find your next home has greatly changed. The days of taking time off work, scheduling flights, and spending hours driving from home to home are over. You can still shop this way but it is not necessary.

Individual real estate agents list their properties online. But, there is a great and more powerful option. Zillow is becoming a mainstay for people looking for a new home. Use the following tips for using Zillow to search for your new home online to get the most out of this great real estate resource.

Take Advantage of the Zillow App

There are a great number of websites and apps for finding home listings. But, Zillow’s app offers some benefits that you won’t find in other applications. You can draw the area that you want to look for homes in. If you have a certain neighborhood that you want or one that you want to avoid then you can use Zillow’s tool to exclude it. This is a more specific search then searching by zip code alone.

View Comparable Sales

A seller can ask for any price they want for their home. This does not mean that they are aware of what their home is truly worth. They may be hoping for someone that does not know the area to get a premium price or they may be guided by sentimental value. Either way, you don’t want to be stuck overpaying. Zillow allows you to view comparable sales. By knowing what similar houses in the same area have sold for then you can ensure you don’t overpay.

Use For Sale By Owner Listings

The depressed home market has led many home sellers to decide to sell on their own. This allows them to safe the traditional agent’s commission. Zillow not only shows you the home listings by real estate agents but also allows For Sale By Owner listings. You don’t need to go to multiple sites to see both types of listings. It allows you to find more potential properties then the MLS listings would show you.

Take Advantage of Zillow’s Articles

Zillow is in the business of listing home properties but they are also concerned about home buyers. Their website contains a blog that offers a large amount of wonderful information. You can find articles on topics like tips for getting a home loan, property tax estimates, how much earnest money is normal, choosing a great real estate agent, etc.

Looking for a new home can be stressful especially if you are moving several states away. You have many choices to look for homes online. But Zillow offers much more than just home listings. By utilizing Zillow’s search tools, including For Sale By Owner listings, getting information on comparable sales, and utilizing their large knowledgebase helps to ensure you get the most out of Zillow. So, as you start looking for home, keep in mind these tips for using Zillow to search for your new home online.

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